Institute of Sociology

Internship counselling and recognition

If you are looking for a suitable internship, the internship counsellor can help you. If it is first and foremost about the recognition of an internship and the issue of certificates relating to the internship, then the internship coordinator is your first contact.

Internship Counsellor

Miriam El Khayat

Room 102
Wilhelmstr. 36 (Hegelbau)
07071/29 75497

Office hours lecture period:
Wednesdays 2-4 pm

Office hours during the lecture-free period:

03.08., 31.08., 12.10. 2 - 4 p.m.
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Internship Coordinator

Dr. Volker Lang

currently represented by Miriam El Khayat, contact information: 

Raum 102
Wilhelmstraße 36 (Hegelbau)
07071/29 75497


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Documents required for the recognition of the internship


(if available) the confirmation of the internship provider that it is a study-relevant activity (Cover letter + Confirmation in German) oder Cover letter + Confirmation in English


Please obtain this confirmation before starting your internship in order to avoid the problem of having completed an internship that cannot be recognised.


a copy of the internship contract


We recommend that you obtain a confirmation of recognition of the internship by submitting to the internship coordinator a confirmation of the internship provider and a copy of the internship contract before starting the internship. To do so, please fill in the  promise of recognition of mandatory internship with the details of the internship position.


a copy of the internship certificate or the confirmation of the internship provider that the internship has been completed

These documents must be submitted in their entirety to the internship coordinator in order to obtain the ECTS for the professional internship, independent of the colloquium.