Institute of Sports Science


New Edition of the Handbook “Sports Science”

The handbook "Sports Science", edited by Verena Burk and Marcel Fahrner, will be published on 17 February 2020 in a second, revised edition.

Today, sports science research and teaching are highly differentiated. In research, there is a progressive orientation towards the respective scientific subjects and disciplines. In teaching, a great variety of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes is evident. This results in problems in the self-image and positioning of sports science as an integrative cross-sectional science. In this handbook, renowned sports scientists present sports science sub-disciplines in a compact form: movement and training science, sports education, sports psychology, sports sociology, sports history, sports economics, and – for the first time – sports medicine. The aim of the handbook is to give high school graduates and first-year students of sports science professional insights, to give them orientation for their studies and to encourage them to reflect critically.

Burk, V. & Fahrner, M. (Hrsg.). (2020). Sportwissenschaft. Themenfelder, Theorien und Methoden (2. Auflage) [Sports Science. Topics, Theories and Methods; 2nd Edition]. München: UVK.