Institute of Sports Science


Conference "Poly-Pill Exercise – Opportunities, Risks and Side Effects" in September in Tübingen

From 14 to 16 September 2022, the annual conference of the Exercise & Health Commission of the German Association of Sport Science will take place at the Institute of Sports Science in Tübingen.

The conference "Poly-Pill Exercise - Opportunities, Risks and Side Effects" will be hosted by the Interfaculty Research Institute for Sports and Physical Activity of the University of Tübingen. In addition to the international keynote lectures by Dr. Regina Guthold (WHO, Geneva, CH), Prof. Panteleimon Ekkekakis (Michigan State University, US), Prof. Annika Frahsa (University of Bern, CH) and Prof. Dominic Malcolm (Loughborough University, UK), various symposia with oral presentations and poster sessions of the entire spectrum of research on physical activity, exercise and health will take place. Further information on the program and opportunities to register (online until 5.9.) can be found on the conference homepage