Institut für Neurobiologie

”How does the brain work?” Neurobiological research approaches this big question from different
angles and applies different methods. In this module you will receive advanced training in key meth-
ods. Covering anatomy to understand neuroanatomy, morphology, and connectivity, behavioural
methods, to investigate cognitive abilities of the system under study, electrophysiological as well as
optogenetics and imaging techniques to observe neuronal functioning on the cellular level. These
methods will be taught and discussed in the context of current research.
Experiments take time and thus, the laboratory courses are so called block courses which span
four weeks and block the full morning (8 am to 2 pm). The afternoon is free to take other courses.
In case of collisions talk to the lecturers to find a solution. At least 12 ECTS must be taken from
these courses. Additional courses of this module can be credited as part of the Study Area —
or Study Area — Interdisciplinary.

You will

  • learn at least two different advanced neurobiological techniques that are applied in different contexts (animal models, scientific questions).
  • apply previously acquired knowledge to interpret the experimental observations.
  • apply and improve your data-analysis skills in various settings.
  • present scientific results in oral and written form.