Geosphären-Biosphären Wechselwirkungen

Dr. Ilonka C. Engelhardt


Main research interests:

  • Plant-micrbial interactions and their impact on biogeochemical cycles
  • Mechanisms of early root colonisation by plant benefical bacteria
  • Bacterial migration through soil

GUZ, 5R37
 +49 7071 29-78155


ORCID: 0000-0001-8280-4704

Research projects

TERRA initiative: A joint project on the subject of Africa at the Universities of Hohenheim and Tübingen  'Belowground traits of Kenyan grasslands: Establishing and maintaining functional diversity'


Since 2022
Academic assistant at the GBI group

at the University of Tuebingen

2020 - 2022
PostDoc in the Ecology and Natural Resources research group (SENSOIL Project)

Neiker Tecnalia, Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development

2018 - 2020
PostDoc in the Ecological sciences research group (SENSOIL Project

James Hutton Institute (Dundee, UK)

2014 - 2018
PhD student in the agroecology research unit

INRA Dijon and the University of Burgundy (France)

Research assistant in the Ecological science group

James Hutton Institute (Aberdeen, UK)

2012 - 2013
Master in Environmental Microbiology

University of Aberdeen

2008 - 2011
Medical Technologist (Microbiology)

National Health Laboratory Services (South Africa)

2005 - 2008
Bachelor in Biomedical Technology

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa)

Selected publications

  1. Engelhardt, I.C., Niklaus, P.A., Bizouard, F., Bru, D., Breuil, M.-C., Rouard, N., Mounier, A., Philippot, L., Barnard, R.L., 2023. Precipitation patterns and N availability legacy govern microbial response to rewetting in a plant-soil system. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 185, 109139. doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2023.109139
  2. Engelhardt IC, Patko D, Liu Y, Mimault M, de las Heras Martinez G, Sukhodub T, George TS, MacDonald MP, Ptashnyk M, Stanley-Wall N, Daniell TJ, Holden N, Dupuy LX (2022). Novel form of collective movement by soil bacteria. ISME J.
  3. Liu Y, Patko D, Engelhardt IC, George TS, Stanley-Wall N, Ladmiral V, Ameduri B, Daniell TJ, Holden N, MacDonald MP, Dupuy LX (2021). Whole plant-environment microscopy reveals how Bacillus subtilis utilises the soil pore space to colonise plant roots. PNAS.
  4. Jones CY, Engelhardt IC, Patko D, Dupuy LX, Holden N, Willat WGT (2021) High-resolution 3D mapping of rhizosphere glycan patterning using molecular probes in a transparent soil system. The Cell Surface.
  5. Engelhardt IC, Niklaus PA, Bizouard F, Bru D, Breuil MC, Deau F, Rouard N, Spor A, Philippot L, Barnard RL (2021). Recipitation patterns and N availability alter plant-soil microbial C and N dynamics. Plant and Soil.
  6. Engelhardt IC, Blazewicz SJ, Barnard RL (2019). Impact contrasting moisture regimes on the actively growing and inactive microbial communities using 18O SIP. Soil Biology and Biochemistry.
  7. Engelhardt IC, Welty A, Blazewicz SJ, Bru D, Rouard N, Breuil M, Gessler A, Galiano L, Miranda Garcia-Roves JC, Spor A, Barnard RL (2018). Effects of precipitation regime on soil microbial activity upon rewetting of a plant-soil system: Depth matters. ISMEJ