Geosphären-Biosphären Wechselwirkungen

Main research interests:

  • Biosphere-geosphere interfaces as hotspots of terrestrial element cycles
  • Ecophysiological control of microorganisms on ecosystem C, nutrient and water fluxes
  • Recycling as energy-efficient strategy driving environmental organic matter turnover
  • Root and rhizosphere traits reflecting adaptation strategies to (multiple) resource limitation
  • Sustainable utilization of limited resources in (agro-)ecosystems facing global change

     +49 7071 29 74796
Fax: +49 7071 29 5059
Twitter: @MichaelaDippold

ORCID: 0000-0002-3657-4693


Address and Office
Department of Geosciences
GUZ, 5th floor, room 5U37
Schnarrenbergstraße 94-96
72076 Tübingen


Dippold, Michaela Anna (Dr. rer. nat.)

July 10, 1982

Since 2021
Professor of Geo-Biosphere Interactions

at the Department of Geosciences of the University of Tübingen

Junior-Professor for Biogeochemistry of Agroecosystems

at the Department of Crop Sciences of the University of Goettingen

Academic Assistant

at the Department of Crop Sciences (Agricultural Soil Science) of the University of Goettingen

Guest Lecturer

at the Geographical Institute of the University of Bern


at the Department of Agroecosystem Research at the University of Bayreuth


Research projects

DFG projects (German Research Foundation):

Ministry and EU projects:

Projects by foundations and awards:

DAAD and further exchange projects:

  • Root traits plasticity and dynamics of phosphorus fractions in the rhizosphere of  wheat  and maize grown in subtropical soil (DAAD scholarship Manisha Koirala)
  • Evaluation of different Afghan wheat varieties for their resistance against multiple resource limitation (DAAD scholarship Ahmad Samir Azimi)
  • Effects of microdosing, organic amendments and time of application on nitrogen and organic carbon partitioning in sorghum cropping systems (DAAD scholarhip Rosepiah Munene)




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