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Tynkevich YO, Shelyfist AY, Kozub LV, Hemleben V, Panchuk II and Volkov RA
5S Ribosomal DNA of Genus Solanum: Molecular Organization, Evolution, and Taxonomy.
Front. Plant Sci. 13:852406 (2022)
doi: 10.3389/fpls.2022.852406

Hemleben V, Grierson D, Borisjuk N, Volkov RA, Kovarik A.:
Personal Perspectives on Plant Ribosomal RNA Genes Research: From Precursor-rRNA to Molecular Evolution.
Front Plant Sci. 2021;12:797348 (2021)

Mike Thiv, Michael Koltzenburg, Vera Hemleben, Matthias Schlee
Tübingen · Nachruf
Wilhelm Sauer: Ein enzyklopädischer Forscher
Der Tübinger Botaniker Prof. Wilhelm Sauer starb im Alter von 85 Jahren.

Hans-Willi (Willi) Honegger, Vera Hemleben, Walter-Erich Mayer, and Wolfgang Engelmann:
Bünning Remembered. Journal of Biological Rhythms Vol. 35 No. 1, 6-15 (2020)

Roman A. Volkov, Irina I. Panchuk, Nikolai V. Borisjuk1, Marta Hosiawa-Baranska, Jolanta Maluszynska and Vera Hemleben: Evolutional dynamics of 45S and 5S ribosomal DNA in ancient allohexaploid Atropa belladonna. BMC Plant Biology 17:21 (2017)

Schlee, M., Göker, M., Grimm., G.W. and Hemleben, V. : Genetic patterns in the Lathyrus pannonicus complex (Fabaceae) reflect ecological differentiation rather than biogeography and traditional subspecific division.
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 165: 402-421 (2011). Comprehensive data (ITS matrix, relevé data, etc.) included in the electronic supplement on the journal's homepagethe electronic supplement on the journal's homepage.

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Dressel, A. and Hemleben, V.: Transparent Testa Glabra 1 (TTG1) and TTG1-like genes in Matthiola incana R. Br. and related Brassicaceae and mutation in the WD-40 motif.
Plant Biol. 11: 204-212 (2009)

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Hemleben, V.: Prof. emer. Dr. Wilhelm Seyffert, Nachruf.
BIOspektrum 14: 320-321 (2008)

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Syst. Biodiv. 5: 291-309 (2007)

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