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Access to Repository Resources and Metadata

Access to repository resources is determined by the depositor. Users must agree to the End User License Agreement of the depositor before gaining access to the resource. The repository offers several types of access to users, which are described below.  Access to all metadata is publicly available. 

Metadata Access

The metadata is publicly accessible via the CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) which provides a search engine for browsing detailed descriptions of resources available within CLARIN, including those in the Tübingen repository. Access to the resources can also be gained by those authorized to do so, as explained below.

Resource Access

Access to a resource is determined by the depositor and enforced by the repository backend. The depositor always has access to his or her own resource. Access by users to a given resource can take the following forms:


Public resources are made available to the general public.


Resources restricted to academic use will be made available only via AAI (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure) for the purpose of academic research, study, or teaching. Most university and research institution accounts can be used here, so that no additional account or registration is necessary.


These resources will be available only to those individuals authorized by the depositor.


Closed resources are accessible by the depositor and archivists only. These may be resources which will become more accessible in the future.