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License Agreements

For both depositing and using data, agreements apply addressing intellectual property rights (IPR), privacy issues, and general conditions of use of data. These license agreements and terms of use apply between the repository, the depositor, and the user as explained below.

The Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice of the University of Tübingen shall be respected.


Depositor's Agreement

The Depositor's Agreement (in German), an agreement between the depositor and repository (represented by the University of Tübingen), must be signed before a resource can be added to the repository. For informational purposes, a Depositor's Agreement (in English) is also available, but for legal reasons the depositor is required to sign the German version.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

An End User License Agreement is an agreement between the depositor and the user. For some resources (eg those with individual access), the user may need to sign such an agreement with the depositor before the repository can give access to the resource.