Baden-Württembergisches Brasilien- und Lateinamerika-Zentrum

How can I arrive at Tübingen?

Where is Tübingen in Germany?

Tübingen is located in the southwestern part of Germany. Specifically, in central Baden-Württemberg state.
Tübingen is about 35 minutes to an hour away from Stuttgart, pending on your choice of transportation.

By car, Tübingen is also about 2.5 hours from Munich, Germany, and a little less than that from Zurich, Switzerland.

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How to Get to Tübingen in Germany

Depending on your starting location, there are a few different ways to get to Tübingen.

By plane
The closest international airport to Tübingen is the Stuttgart International Airport. In addition there are direct flights from Stuttgart to cities like Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Zurich, etc. and vice versa.
From the Stuttgart airport, the 828-bus line regularly goes between Tübingen and the airport and takes about 50 minutes to reach the city.
Bus time schedule here!

By train
If you are not flying to the Stuttgart International Airport, you can reach Tübingen via train. There are hourly trains from Stuttgart Main Station to the Tübingen Train Station. The trains rides are about an hour, and you can find all the information at the link below.

By car
Another way to get to Tübingen is by car. This is ideal if you want to see the countryside and explore Germany via its highways.  From Munich, Frankfurt, and Zurich, it’s only a 2.5-hour car ride to Tubingen. So, if you’re looking for a fun little adventure, consider renting a car to get to Tübingen.