GeRoNa - Generic Robot Navigation

Sebastian Buck, Goran Huskić

In the GeRoNa project we develop a generic robot navigation framework that bundles path planning and path following. Our goal is to provide a modular solution that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, our solution is not limited to a specific type of robot, as the following video demonstrates:

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We provide a kinematic path planner that generates paths that are admissible for car-like robots. These paths can also be followed by any other robot with different kinematics. The path planning interface is kept very general so that new planners can easily be used.

Path following is achieved using different robot controllers[3] which generate velocity commands for a variety of robot kinematics. The framework is designed to be easily extensible for new tasks and robot models.

Related projects and robots that use this navigation framework are:

  • Control of Outdoor Robots
  • PATSY: Person detecting Autonomous Transportation SYstem
  • SICK Robot Day 2014
  • DLR SpaceBot Camp 2015


For more information about downloading the navigation stack, please refer to the Github Repository.


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