Jona Schröder


Since 2020
Research assistant at the Department of Cognitive Systems, University of Tuebingen
2016 - 2019
MSc in Cognitive Science, University of Tuebingen
2015 - 2019
MSc in Computer Science, University of Tuebingen
BSc in Cognitive Science, University of Tuebingen

Research Interests

  • Multi-Object Tracking
  • Cluster Analysis



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[2] Alisa Volkert, Jona Schröder, and Alexandra Kirsch. „Categorization in Real-World Tasks”, Seventh Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems, 2019.
[3] Jona Schröder, Alisa Volkert, Sophie Hornuff, and Alexandra Kirsch. „Human-Like Prototypes Representing Categories of a Real-World Setup“, Interdisziplinärer Workshop Kognitive Systeme, 2019.
[4] Jona Schröder, Alisa Volkert (2018). „Prototype-based Categorization of Lego Bricks“, KogWis 2018: Computational Approaches to Cognitive Science, 2018.