Institut für Anorganische Chemie

Welcome to the Berkefeld Research Group

The primary objective of my group's research program is the design of molecular structures that interconvert electric and chemical bond energy in an efficient manner. As a complementary approach, my research adresses light-to-potential energy conversion through 3d-metal complex photosensitizers. We pursue these objectives by following a mechanistic approach: Starting from molecular PLATFORMs (our toolbox) we create molecular STRUCTUREs and study their FUNCTION at the molecular level.

At present, our portfolio includes bimetallic nickel-sulphur structures that perform hydrogen oxidation (HydrOx project) as well as hydrogen evolution, just depending on the respective charge state. Radical-sulphur/oxygen structures establish a complementary system that promotes H-atom transfer reactivity (CHOx project) in addition to showing intriguing electronic properties such as redox-responsive absorptivity of (near-)infrared light. Last but not least, we have achieved luminescence and photoreactivty from a iron(II) complex chromophore (3d-light project).

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