Since 1980, the University of Tübingen's University Sports Department has offered workshops and lectures with international guest lecturers. In recent years, the range of workshops has been expanded, as demand is constantly growing, especially in the areas of dance and yoga, and other sports and movement areas have also been added.
All courses are cost-covering and specifically calculated and are not designed to make a profit. They offer students, staff and guests the opportunity to become more familiar with the respective areas and, if necessary, to improve to a professional level.



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Our dance workshops


It starts with technique training and then, after a short history of the selected ballet and the choreographer, the focus is on a variation and/or a solo dance of classical artistic dance.

Ballroom Dance

Various couple dances from Disco Fox, Chachacha and Jive to Slow Waltz, Tango and other dances. You can catch up as well as learn the basic steps and figures.


A mixture of flexibility, strength and coordination exercises. In the further course of the workshop, we will work with partners and do small improvisation exercises.


Method for dynamic balance and body analysis. With this method we learn and experience the unlimited movement possibilities of our body.
By means of various clear tasks, each participant develops his or her own individual movements through improvisation, either individually or in contact with others.
Gradually, the dynamics, inner logic and expression of these movements are clarified and defined in order to then begin the process of analysis, in which each participant choreographs their own movement sequences and makes them repeatable in space and rhythm.


Hip Hop

Different styles and steps from Old and New School will be combined in two choreographies over the weekend. A mix of original and new material for your dancing spirit! Immerse yourself in the dance culture of hip hop or challenge yourself to new moves!


Jazz Dance/ Musical Dance

Immerse yourself in the world of Broadway. Musicals that will make your heart beat faster, such as "Aladdin", "The Greatest Showman" or "Chicago", are just one facet of an intensive and colorful workshop. We travel to the golden age of jazz, with Bob Fosse and burlesque, with high heels and passion. A wide range of performance, training, variations and dance technique as well as show-staged choreographies are waiting for you.

Lindy Hop

Over two intensive days, you will learn all the basics to be able to dance away at the next Tübingen swing event. No previous knowledge necessary!

Modern/Elementary Dance & Yoga

Refinement and differentiation of the movement and expression possibilities of our body as well as the development of a creative and individual dance language are the main goals of the lessons. Elements from yoga, a science from the Vedic tradition, are also used. Over the millennia, a variety of teaching methods and techniques have been developed, all of which fundamentally strive for the unity (yoga) of body, mind and soul.

Modern Dance

Techniques for floor work and successively a development of a choreography that moves dynamically through the space. In addition to technique, the main focus is on the joy of movement and the fusion between body and floor.


It's all about kicks, speed and power. Participants not only learn the basic rock'n'roll technique and light acrobatics, but also take home a light choreography - so nothing stands in the way of the next dance night and the newly learned rock'n'roll basics can be put to good use at will.

Weitere Workshops

Bike repair workshop

The bike repair workshop is suitable for all students who want to learn more about bikes and become more independent when it comes to bike repairs. In the workshop you will learn how to maintain your bike with little effort or how to fix minor problems and breakdowns such as a flat tire. We also provide information on how to use your bike in a healthy way! As you can see, the bike repair workshop is not only worthwhile for your wallet, but also for your health!


Terms of cancellation for workshops*

Participation in the workshop is at the participant's own risk, excluding the organizer's liability. The number of participants is limited. Cancellation policy: Up to 1 week before the start of the workshop: Cancellation fee 20,- €.
No refunds are possible for later cancellations.
*Applies only to dance workshops