Mission Statement

The University Sports Center (Hochschulsport, or HSP for short) of the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen can look back upon a long history Over the years, it has established itself as an integral element of the University of Tübingen. Our mission statement is encapsulated in our five Central Pillars of the HSP which determine and reflect all developments of this institution.


Central Pilars of the HSP

University Life

The University Sports Center has been brought to life to essentially cater to the needs of all students and university staff members. It encompasses an array of comprehensive, diverse and tailor-made athletic activities and it significantly contributes to the formation of individual identity as well to the improvement of life quality. The HSP facilitates communication between the participants and promotes thereby the acquisition of social skills. Sport naturally connects people and, therefore, the HSP constitutes an indispensable part of university social life.


Sports Culture

The sports and movement culture of the HSP motivates people to regularly work out at the university. For us, staying active through sport is fundamental for the preservation and improvement of one’s personal health, fitness and well-being, as well as for one’s personal development. Our diverse athletic activities include a range of sports courses, workshops, excursions and events, as well as the possibility of independently working out in our university gym facilities.



Over the years, the HSP has developed into a proficient and comprehensive Education and Service Center. We offer an array of practice-oriented courses and training opportunities with the overall aim of effectively imparting knowledge and valuable social skills. Furthermore, the HSP significantly contributes to the qualification of volunteer workers. In addition, we have had collaborations with multiple teams of experts and have been able to provide valuable scientific insights by means of different research projects.



We employ approx. 300 instructors, encouraging thereby a general commitment to sports.
The commitment of students, volunteers and full-time employees alike, as well as the combination of their respective competencies ensure an environment of creativity, innovation and continuity. In an attempt to secure our efficiency on the long-term, we rely on strategic personnel development. Our work is distinguished by a responsible management of resources, whether this be in the environmental, the infrastructural, the financial or the human resources sector. We are invariably determined to make no discounts when it comes to our high quality standards.

Competitive Sport

The competitive sport constitutes another central part of the University Sports Service. Not only do we regularly serve as hosts of various national university championships, but we also enable our athletes access to a number of other important competitive events. We increasingly turn our attention to international competitions as well, advancing thereby the internationalisation process of competitive sport at the University of Tübingen.