Students successfully trained as MHFA first responders

The first Mental Health First Aid course for students at the University of Tübingen took place in the summer semester of 2022.

One in four Germans is affected by a mental disorder. Students are also a vulnerable group. However, these problems are often not recognized by relatives or even ignored. The reason: Many people do not know how to help and react in the situation.

For this reason, there is the Mental Health First Aid program, which is offered by the Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim. Participants learn about different mental illnesses and how to deal with them appropriately in a 12-hour seminar. Upon successful completion, participants can qualify to become a licensed MHFA first aider.

In the summer semester of 2022, a course for students of the University of Tübingen was also held for the first time as part of the student health management program BeTaBalance. Due to the very high demand, further courses are being planned.