Institute of Sociology


Prof. Pia Schober, Ph.D.


Profile of the research area

In the field of microsociology, we conduct theory driven empirical research on questions in the areas of family and education sociology. Our research is interdisciplinary and regularly integrates microsociological theories of action with social-psychological theories and social policy perspectives regarding contextual influences. By applying quantitative empirical methods, we examine and advance alternative theoretical explanations within the main areas of research.

Research interests

  • Social and gender inequalities in child care, education and child development
  • Gender, division of labour and work-family balance
  • Demographic processes of family formation and dissolution
  • Family policy and early childhood education and care policy
  • Quantitative methods

Completed Research Projects

Teaching topics

  • Analysis of social structure and change
  • Family sociology
  • Sociology of education
  • Gender, demography and welfare state
  • Quantitative longitudinal data analysis
  • Quantitative methods of policy and programme evaluation