Institute of Sociology

Going abroad with Erasmus+

Who can take part in Erasmus+ ?

  • You have at least completed one year of studies at the University of Tübingen before going abroad (Bachelor degree only!)
  • Your have a good working knowledge of the language of instruction at the partner university (as a rule this is English or the official language of the respective country). For information about learning additional foreign languages please see the website of the Language Learning Centre of the University (FSZ).
  • You have basic knowledge of the official language of the country of destination. This is not always compulsory, but useful in everyday life of the host country.
How often can you take part?
  • You can study abroad for 1 or 2 semesters during your BA, MA or PhD study course
  • We recommend that BA sociology students should go abroad in the fourth or fifth semester, MA students in the fourth semester
  • Students can apply for an Erasmus exchange by virtue of their main as well as their subsidiary subject or at any other department of the University of Tübingen that still has free places.

What needs to be done?

Before departure

Students should start preparing their stay abroad about 12 to 9 months before the beginning of the exchange semester.

Selection of courses at the partner university

  • Select the courses at the partner university and pair them up with those courses at the University of Tübingen that you wish to replace. Normally you would find the courses on the website (course catalogue) of the partner university. Failing that, please contact the International Office of the partner university.
  • If you register for courses worth at least 30 ECTS in one semester, then you can complete your studies within the standard period of studies.
  • Hypothetical example: you can replace a 6 ECTS-seminar in Applied Sociology by a 6 ECTS-seminar or two 3 ECTS-seminars offered at the partner university.

You may, of course, also contact the Student Counselling Service of the Deparment, if you need help planning your studies abroad.


You need to send your application to the Erasmus coordinator Dr. Sebastian Moser by the following dates at the latest:

  • 15. 9. for an Erasmus exchange in the upcoming summer semester
  • 15. 3. for an Erasmus exchange in the upcoming winter semester

Detailed description of the application procedure.

While you are abroad (after enrolment at the host university)

We strongly recommend to enrol at the host university as soon as possible


Fill in the certificate of registration with your host university's coordinator upon your arrival and upload it as a scan to your Erasmus account [ Certificate of Registration]


Should there be any changes to your initial Learning Agreement (which is quite common), then please complete page 2 of the Learning Agreement and upload this to your Erasmus account, too. Please do not forget to get both coordinators' signatures again. [Learning Agreement Changes]

After your stay abroad

All the forms listed below need to have been uploaded to your Erasmus account after your return at the latest.

  • Scan your Letter of Confirmation and upload it to your Erasmus account and hand it in to the International Office [Letter of Confirmation]
  • Obtain a copy of your transcript of records listing the courses that you completed at the host university and upload it to your Erasmus account.
  • Fill in the EU-Online survey (der link will be sent to you).
  • Write and upload your experience report, detailing your everyday life, your leisure activities, experiences with the courses at the host institute. Your report should be as honest as possible and include good as well as bad experiences.[Experience Report]
  • Complete a second online language test by the EU (the link will be automatically sent to you).

Please remember to submit the completed forms to the International Office after the upload!