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Internship FAQ

Which internships are suitable for sociologists?

Internships can be completed in a wide variety of areas - detailed information can be found under Career guidance.

When should the internship be completed?

In the BA course of studies in Sociology, the internship should be completed between the end of the 3rd and the 6th semester. It is recommended to complete the internship during the semester break in full time (at least 6 weeks).

When should I apply?

You should start applying for an internship about three to six months before the planned date. In the case of highly sought-after internships, however, a longer lead time must be planned. Early applications are also recommended for internships abroad, especially if a scholarship is to be applied for.

Which documents belong to a complete application?

You can find all important information in the application guide (german version) of the Career Service of the University of Tübingen.

When and how is the internship colloquium to be taken?

The internship colloquium should be taken after or during the internship (module B6/So-B6). The internship colloquium usually takes place during the lecture-free period. The dates will be announced in good time in Alma. Registration takes place via Alma.
In addition, it is strongly recommended to attend information events, lectures and workshops on the subject of internships and career paths!

Can I also take the internship colloquium before the compulsory internship?

In exceptional cases, the internship colloquium can also be taken before the compulsory internship, e.g. if the compulsory internship is the last achievement in the BA program and would otherwise result in an extension of the program. Such exceptions must be discussed in good time with the internship counsellor and the lecturer of the course.

What can I do if my compulsory internship overlaps with the internship colloquium?

The compulsory internship should be completed before the internship colloquium. If, in exceptional cases, there is an overlap, the internship counselling service will support you in having your internship carrier release you from the internship colloquium.

What are the requirements for successful completion of the internship colloquium?

Attendance, active cooperation, short presentation of your own internship in the context of a group presentation on the superordinate professional field as well as the internship report.

Can I write the internship report before attending the colloquium?

Yes, it is ideal to view the Internship Report Guide before the start of the internship, to take notes on the report during the internship, to write an initial version before the colloquium and then to finalise it after the colloquium.

However, if the recommended preliminary work for the report has not yet been done at the beginning of the colloquium, participation is still possible.

When is the internship report to be submitted?

There is currently no fixed deadline for submitting the report. However, the report must be submitted in digital form to the lecturer of the colloquium in good time before the planned completion of studies, so that the lecturer can take the examination, any necessary revision by the participant and notification of the examination office to book the ECTS in good time. Experience has shown that the submission of the application at least 3 weeks before the planned completion of studies is sufficient. The procedure can be accelerated in justified exceptional cases if the lecturer is consulted in good time.

When will the credit points for the colloquium be entered in Alma?

The Examination Office will be informed of the successful participation in the colloquium within the period specified here if all the requirements specified here have been met. If the internship report has already been submitted for the colloquium or at short notice thereafter, it can be booked as soon as possible, i.e. within the respective semester.

Do I need an internship certificate?

Yes, on the one hand you need an internship certificate for the recognition of your internship (module B6/So-B6). On the other hand, it is always helpful and recommendable for you as an intern to have a qualified certificate issued by the internship organisation. A qualified internship certificate should contain information on the following points:

  • Name and address of the trainee
  • Duration of the internship
  • Description of the activities carried out
  • Assessment of willingness to learn and work
  • Assessment of social competence and social behaviour towards superiors and colleagues
  • Assessment of learning success
  • Summary of the performance judgement
  • Signature

BAföG, social security, minimum wage

Here you will find detailled information on BAföG, social security and miminum wage during the (mandatory) internship.

Can I do my internship abroad?

Yes, but you should bear in mind that an internship abroad requires far more preparation than an internship in Germany. However, during an internship abroad you will have the opportunity to improve your language skills and acquire intercultural skills. The higher degree of independence, which you prove with an internship abroad, makes you interesting for future employers. You will find further information on the internship abroad at Internship abroad.

Please note that the answers to the questions listed are not to be understood as binding legal advice, but rather as initial assistance and preparation for a counselling interview.