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T.J. Beveridge Award for Prof. Andreas Kappler

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kappler

During the 2019 Geobiology Conference in Banff (Canada), Andreas Kappler, professor for Geomicrobiology at the Geoscience Department of University of Tübingen received the 2019 T.J. Beveridge Award from the Geobiology Society. Terrance J. Beveridge (1945-2007) was one of the founding fathers of Geomicrobiology. His larger than life love for science and discovery brought together microbiology, geology chemistry, physics and medicine. The Terry J. Beveridge Award is given in his honour to a mid-career scientist for significant achievements in geobiology. 

In the award ceremony, the Geobiology Society highlighted professor Kappler’s work on identifying the role of mineral-precipitating bacteria in the formation of rock depositions on early Earth, several billion years ago. In his groundbreaking work, Prof. Kappler has used modern phototrophic iron-oxidizing and iron-mineral-precipitating bacteria to demonstrate their role in the formation of the world’s largest iron ore deposits, i.e. Banded Iron Formations, that can be found all over the world. Additionally, the award committee has recognized the interdisciplinary work by Prof. Kappler studying microbial electron transfer processes in the environment, nitrate-, Cadmium- and Arsenic-contaminated soils and groundwater aquifers, as well as the functioning of drinking water filters and amendment of soils by biochar for climate migitation.

Prof. Kappler’s work is exemplified by more than 250 publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Casey Bryce