Institute of Sports Science

It is with great sadness that we, the fellow members of the institute for sports science, have to announce the loss of Ommo Grupe

In 1960, Ommo Grupe ( 4.11.1930-26.2.2015), was appointed director of the institute for physical education at the time. As the first head with a PhD, he was eager to refine physical education towards a scientific subject from the beginning. After his habilitation in the year 1967, he was nominated tenured professor of the “theory of physical education“ on the 11. June 1986.

In 1980, he was awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit, First Class, for his gainings in the Sports of Germany.

With good reason, Ommo Grupe is refered to the nestor of sports science. By means of renaming the institute to the „Institute for Sports Science“, he prepared the path for the development of a new discipline at German universities. Many ambitioned sports scientists came to Tübingen in order to make a PhD and to habilitate under the leadership of Ommo Grupe. A lot of his students became professors in Germany and all over the world.

In the 20. Century, Ommo Grupe belonged to one of the most important sports scientists in the world. It was under his influence that the sports science was made socially acceptable in the practice of sports; not only in top-class sports, but also in respect to the development of the curicculum of physical education in schools or the continuous development of sports organisations.

Many of his scientific works were groundbreaking. With his work “Principles of Sports Education“, he created a new discipline. A lot of his works, such as his essay concerning the “ Versportlichung der Gesellschaft und Entsportung des Sports“ (Sports Development in Society and the Marginalisation within Sports) written in 1988, were downright visionary.

However, Ommo Grupe was not only an exceptional scientist, but also a very warmhearted and kind person with an incredible charisma.

We are extremely sad about his loss!

The fellow members of the institute for sports science


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