Werner Reichardt Centrum für Integrative Neurowissenschaften (CIN)

Our Partners

The CIN can most accurately be described as a common platform of systems-oriented neuroscience at the University of Tübingen. This means that the CIN is not simply one more institute where scientists pursue their research. Instead, partnerships and collaborations are at the heart of what makes the CIN stand out in Tübingen's – and Germany's – scientific landscape. Basic research at the scale adopted at the CIN cannot be fruitfully sustained without manifold and lasting cooperations with numerous and varied partners. It is these institutions and the persons working there that contribute resources, ideas and enthusiasm – all of which are very much necessary to make this cluster of neuroscience excellence possible in the first place. Our many local and regional partner institutions are complemented by more far-reaching cooperations with institutes in several different countries.

Research from enthusiasm

The CIN's interest in scientific collaboration is in part rooted in its more general view of neuroscientific research. Research at the CIN is guided by the conviction that only a consistently integrative approach will advance our understanding of the fundaments of the brain's performance. This explains the participation of a broad range of institutions – from the fields of biology, medicine, physics, information technology and engineering, as well as cognitive science and the humanities.

National and international partnerships

The CIN is supported by three faculties of the university (the Faculties of Science, Medicine, and Humanities), as well as numerous institutes situated in and around Tübingen, with partnerships including the Max Planck, Hertie, Helmholtz, Bernstein, and Fraunhofer communities. Internationally, the CIN cooperates with prestigious institutions in Japan, Israel, and the United States.

As far as local institutions are concerned, the following graphic may provide some insight about the CIN's situation.

Below you may find a list of the institutions that are important to our work at the CIN. If you wish to know more about our partners, take a look at our individual partners' descriptions or follow the links provided here to visit their websites.