Werner Reichardt Centrum für Integrative Neurowissenschaften (CIN)

Equal Opportunities

Mission Statement

It is the CIN's stated mission to promote equal opportunities for young as well as established scientists and other staff. Today, promoting gender equality still primarily means promoting the equality of women and facilitating their aspirations to reach top positions in their chosen field.

The Board for the Advancement of Women (BAW) promotes female scientists at every level of their professional career. The board is formed by scientists participating in the CIN and involving representatives of all academic levels, including the student body. The BAW cooperates closely with the Office for Gender Equality at the University of Tübingen and the Graduate Training Centre of the CIN.

The BAW develops and implements gender-neutral criteria for scientific excellence, participates in the appointment committees for positions in the CIN and contributes to establishing a family friendly environment at the University. The BAW will support young women throughout their scientific career, from high school to all levels at the university, by fostering active networks of women in science (role modelling, peer mentoring) and by offering specific courses aimed at key qualifications such as communication and leadership skills.

Equal Opportunities