Werner Reichardt Centrum für Integrative Neurowissenschaften (CIN)

IT Department

We offer a high perfomance computing cluster with more than 70 nodes for various scientific applications and purposes in parallel and virtualized computing. More than 1000 cores with over 10 Terabyte main memory computing power and over 70 different graphiccards with GPU power help to meet all needs of the scientist. We offer up to the newest modern and power efficient systems in a heat optimised environment.

Server support for the CIN Research Groups

Connected to our computing cluster we have a high available and high performance cluster file system with 1.2 Petabyte for more than 20 CIN-groups with individual quotas. All cluster nodes are connected with 10 Gigabit to the storage head and over Fibre Channel to an association of more than 250 6 Terabyte SAS hard disk drives behind. This allows parallel work on the cluster with a possible speed of more than 1 Gigabyte per second for each user. Linux, Windows and macOS clients can access the cluster storage using NFS and Samba.

We have an additional storage system with 1000 Terabyte which is backing up all active data from the main storage. There's also a tape library containing 3 drives and more than 100 slots including the option to individually archive closed projects as long-term storage.

Furthermore, we offer various IT services. Database, license servers or cloud storage etc. are realised on specialised, independent servers as well as on virtual servers. We assist our scientists in selection and configuration of setup and client systems as well as we are offering first and second-level support.