Institut für Evolution und Ökologie


The general herbarium and special collections provide a rare opportunity for students to learn about conserved plant diversity from all over the world and to work with the archival plant material. Students learn about plant variation and plant evolution in two Bachelor and Master courses, the 'Botanik Modul' and the 'Plant Evolution Ecology Course'.

Recent and Ongoing Bachelor and Master Theses

  • Jonas Freimuth, 2019 (BSc): Phenological mismatch of plant-pollinator interactions in Germany (to be submitted)
  • Clarissa Zell, 2018 (BSc): Herbaria indicate decline of rare orchids in Baden-Württemberg
  • Miriam Peters, 2017 (MSc): Klimawandel und phänologische Verschiebungen - eine Herbarium Studie
  • Patrick Gebbert, 2017 (Zula): Ausbreitungsgeschichte in Baden-Württemberg anhand von Herbarbelegen