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Topics for advanced lab courses (Modulpraktikum) and bachelor thesis

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PhD students

We are looking for motivated PhD students quite often. If you are interested in the topics below please do not hesitate to send us your cv. Possible topics within our field of research are stated below.

Topics for PhD or master candidates

Stability of organic semiconductors

Organic electronics has been a growing technology sector over the last decade. The first applications using organic electronics, such as (computer/ cell phone) screens and solar cells are sold. One problem of organic semiconductors and organic semiconductor devices is their still inadequate stability and influence to light, oxygen, morphology changes etc. The subject includes basic research in the field of degradation of organic materials and their interface properties. The aim is to increase the intrinsic stability of organic semiconductors.

Novel materials for organic solar cells

A promising class of compounds for "bulk heterojunction" solar cells provide the so-called "low band gap" materials with alternating electron-rich-poor and building blocks. The synthesis of these materials is carried out in cooperation. The electronic structure and interface properties are probed using different complementary methods (mainly photoemission and optical spectroscopies).

Interfaces of organic materials

Electronic properties of interfaces of organic materials are one focus of current research. Models that have been established for inorganic semiconductor interfaces, cannot be directly adapted to organic systems. Charge transfer processes and polarization phenomena decisively determine the interfacial properties. The work will be mainly carried out with photoemission in our home lab and at synchrotron radiation sources.

Epitaxial growth of thin oxide films

Binary transition metal oxides are for many years fundamental interest to science. Due to the strong electron-electron coupling they are important model systems to understand correlation phenomena, such as magnetism or electron transport. Ultrathin coatings on metallic substrates have unique electronic properties. The geometric structure can be different for example, the lattice changes to the bulk geometry. The work includes studies with UHV techniques, particularly photoelectron diffraction and measurement times at synchrotron radiation sources