BSc / MSc Theses

How do I write my BSc / Msc Thesis in the Autonomous Vision Group?

We continuously offer BSc and MSc theses in the context of our current research. As our field advances quickly, we do not maintain a list of thesis projects but determine these topics on demand. If you are interested in doing your BSc or MSc thesis with us, please follow these steps:

  • You need to have a solid math (analysis, algebra, statistics) and programming (python, PyTorch) background and prior experience in machine learning, computer vision or both. If you don't, please take the relevant courses before approaching us.
  • Familiarize yourself with our latest research (last 2 years). You find all abstracts of our recent publications on this page. Read the papers that you find most interesting in detail and write down your comments or think about potential extensions.
  • Send an email to Prof. Andreas Geiger that describes your programming experience, your research interests and your project ideas, if you have any. Mention the papers from us that you find most interesting and send us your comments/ideas. Please also attach your CV and transcripts.

We will then match you to one of our research projects. During the course of your project, you will be supervised closely by an AVG team member and you will have the chance to present your progress in our monthly spotlight presentations to the entire group.