Student Assistantships (Hiwi)

We occasionally hire student assistants to support us in teaching and research. Student research assistants study at the University of Tübingen and typically work closely with members of our lab on a 40h/month basis. The topic of the student assistantship must be non-overlapping with the topic of a potential BSc/MSc thesis or research project conducted in our lab (i.e., students can either obtain credits or are being paid), and typically the topics are supporting our work but not core research topics as BSc/MSc theses or research projects are. Sometimes we announce student assistant positions here, but you can also apply unsolicited. A requirement for becoming a student assistant you must have obtained very good grades (top 10%) and taken relevant courses (e.g., Deep Learning, Computer Vision, etc.).

If you are interested in become a student assistant at AVG, please follow these steps:

  • You need to have a solid math (analysis, algebra, statistics) and programming (python, PyTorch) background and prior experience in machine learning, computer vision or both. If you don't, please take the relevant courses before approaching us.
  • Send an email to Prof. Andreas Geiger that describes your programming, research and work experience. Please also attach your CV and transcripts.