Proseminar/Seminar: Autonomous Vision

This combined proseminar/seminar is on self-driving and perception for self-driving vehicles. It can be taken by both Bachelor students (as Proseminar) and Master students (as Seminar). Students write and review reports and present a topic in groups of 2 students.

Qualification Goals

Students gain a deep unterstanding of a scientific topic. They learn to efficiently search, navigate and read relevant literature and to summarize a topic clearly in their own words in a written report. Moreover, students present their topic to an audience of students and researchers, and provide feedback to others in the form of reviews and discussions. During the seminar, students learn to put scientific research into context, practice critical thinking and identify advantages and problems of a studied scientific method.


  • Course number: ML-4507
  • Credits: 3 ECTS (2h)
  • Total Workload: 90h
  • The seminar is held in a physical format in the MvL6 lecture hall. Students must bring a 3G proof, a mobile phone with QR scanning app, and their university credentials (username/password) for registering and contact tracing.
  • Presence is mandatory during all scheduled sessions


  • Basic Computer Science skills: Variables, functions, loops, classes, algorithms
  • Basic Math skills: Linear algebra, analysis, probability theory
  • Basic knowledge of Deep Learning is beneficial, but not required