CS::APEX - Algorithm Prototyper and Experimentor

Sebastian Buck, Richard Hanten

CS::APEX (Algorithm Prototyper and EXperimentor for Cognitive Systems) is a framework based on synchronous dataflow and event-based message passing that aims to speed up prototyping of new robotic algorithms using visual programming aspects. The framework provides different features to allow users to prototype new algorithms more quickly. Calculations are represented by a nodes in a directed graph.

More Information

For more information, please visit the project page.


Github (latest version: 0.9.0)

For more information about downloading and building cs::APEX, please refer to the Wiki.

(Archived) Source code bundles (v. 0.6.0)

Source Code (1.3 MB) Dependencies: ROS, OpenCV, PCL)
Source Code + Demo Files (36 MB, Dependencies: ROS, OpenCV, PCL)