Lecture "Mobile Robots" (Robotics II)

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Andreas Zell
Dates/Time Tue. 10:00-12:00
Volume 6 LP
Start Tue. 19.04.2022

A301 (Sand 1)



Cycle Annually during the summer semester

Lecture on Moodle


Exercises for the Mobile Robots lecture

Teaching Assistants Falk Engmann, Thomas Gossard, Andreas Ziegler
Office hours Usually in the exercise, in exceptional cases by arrangement
Date/Time Tue 12:00-14:00
Place A301 (Sand 1)


Issue of the exercise sheets Via Moodle
Submission of the completed exercise sheets Before the lecture, one week after issue
Graded Sheets Via Moodle, Review in the Exercise Sessions


  • Assignments can be completed in groups of no more than two students.
  • The submission of the exercise sheets takes place via Moodle.
  • Please ask questions about the exercise sessions or individual tasks to the supervisors in the forum in Moodle so that all participants can benefit.
  • If source code is submitted, it must be well documented and the solution path and result must be clearly recognizable.