Artificial Intelligence


Professor Prof. Dr. Andreas Zell
Visiting Hour Wed. 13:30 - 15:00
Dates Thursday 12:15 - 14:00
Volume 3L + 1Ex, 6 LP
Start Thursday 19.10.2023
Location Hörsaal F119 (Sand 6/7) and online
Cycle yearly
Exam presumably in the first Week after the Semester
Alma-Link Artifical Intelligence


The module covers approximately the first half of the book by Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig: Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach, 3rd. Edition. This includes: Introduction, Foundations and History of AI, Intelligent Agents, Problem Solving by Search, Heuristic Search Methods, Local Search Methods, Searching with Nondeterministic Actions and Partial Observations, Adversarial Search Methods, Game Search Methods, Alpha Beta Pruning, Stochastic Games, constraint satisfaction problems, backtracking search, logical agents, agents based on propositional logic, predicate logic and knowledge representation therein, unification and lifting, forward chaining, backward chaining, prologue, classical planning, hierarchical planning and multi-agent planning, knowledge representation.
The concepts of the lecture are deepened in exercises and programming tasks with Python. Students learn to solve problems independently with AI techniques.

Registration (obligatory)

via moodle: Artificial Intelligence


Mathematik I+II, Informatik I+II, Algorithmen. Advantageous: Experienced in Python.


Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig: Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach, 3rd. Edition, Prentice Hall

Exercise Sessions

Tutors: Hannah FrankMartin Meßmer, Karl Vetter
Date of the Exercise Sessions: Thursday 14:15 - 16:00
Location: Hörsaal F119 (Sand 6/7)
New Issue of Exercise Sheets: each week via moodle
Submission of Solved Sheets: as PDF via moodle, 1 week after Issue
Graded Sheets: via moodle, Review in the Exercise Sessions