Foundations of Robotics (Robotics I)

Professor Prof. Dr. Andreas Zell
Lecture time Tuesday 10:15 - 12:00
Start Tuesday 17.10.2023
Location Hörsaal 1 F119 (Sand 6/7) and online
Credits 6 LP
Cycle yearly
Exam Most likely in the first week after the semester
Alma-Portal Foundations of Robotics

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The Foundations of Robotics lecture covers the mathematical and technical foundations of robotics, in particular stationary robots (manipulators). Topics:

  1. Introduction, goals, and applications in robotics
  2. Coordinate systems and transformations
  3. Manipulator kinematics
  4. Inverse manipulator kinematics
  5. Velocities and accelerations (Jacobi matrix, inverse)

The follow-up lecture (Mobile Robots) in the summer semester will focus on mobile robots.


5th semester and above, primarily linear algebra from Mathematics I-III is required.


Script A. Zell: Robotics I,
P.J. McKerrow: Introduction to Robotics, Addison-Wesley

Exercise sessions (Übungen)

Tutors Jonas Tebbe, Florian Wendt, Mariachiara Celato
Date of the exercise sessions Tuesday 12:15 - 14:00 Uhr
Location Hörsaal 1 F119 (Sand 6/7)
Issue of exercise sheets each week via Moodle
Submission of solved sheets: as PDF via Moodle, 1 week after
Return of graded sheets via Moodle, Solutions presented in the exercise sessions


  • The exercises are to be handed in in teams of two.
  • Please ask questions about the exercises to the supervisors through the forum in Moodle, so that all participants can benefit from it.
  • Even if the tasks were solved using tools such as wxMaxima, source code alone is not accepted as a solution. The solution path and the final result must be clearly evident.