Neuronale Informationsverarbeitung

Winter Term 2012/13

Sensory psychology of the visual and auditory systems:

Participants learn the central behavioral limits, concepts and psychophysical methods in sensory psychology. In addition, they get to know the state-of-the-art models in these domains and their theoretical foundations.

Sensory Psychology

Kognitionswissenschaft - Master Hauptfach, Kognitionspsychologie

Please find here:

Vorlesungsverzeichnis of Sensory Psychology


Day, time & location:

Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:15 till 9:45am

Seminarraum 1 (room F116), Sand 6/7

16.10.2012 VL01 Introduction
19.10.2012 VL02 Psychophysical Methods
23.10.2012 VL03

Signal Detection Theory I

26.10.2012 VL04

Signal Detection Theory II

30.10.2012 VL05

Signal Detection Theory III

02.11.2012 NO LECTURE
06.11.2012 VL06 Signal Detection Theory IV
09.11.2012 VL07 Response Times and Models I
13.11.2012 VL08 Response Times and Models II
16.11.2012 VL09 Spatial Vision I
20.11.2012 NO LECTURE
23.11.2012 VL10 Spatial Vision II
27.11.2012 NO LECTURE
30.11.2012 VL11 Spatial Vision III
04.12.2012 NO LECTURE
07.12.2012 VL12 Spatial Vision IV
11.12.2012 NO LECTURE
14.12.2012 VL13 Object Perception I
18.12.2012 VL14 Object Perception II
21.12.2012 VL15 Object Perception III
25.12.2012 HOLIDAY
28.12.2012 HOLIDAY
01.01.2013 HOLIDAY
04.01.2013 HOLIDAY
08.01.2013 NO LECTURE
11.01.2013 VL16 Gestalt Perception
15.01.2013 VL17 Colour Perception I
18.01.2013 VL18 Colour Perception II
22.01.2013 VL19 Auditory Perception I
25.01.2013 VL20 Auditory Perception II
29.01.2013 NO LECTURE
01.02.2013 VL21 Revision Class: Q & A Session
05.02.2013 NO LECTURE
08.02.2013 WRITTEN EXAM