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  • Informationen zu den Anmeldemodalitäten finden Sie hier.
  • Das Anmeldeformular für Veranstaltungen finden Sie hier.
  • Organisation der Informatik-Studiengänge (gilt nicht für Lehramt) (Folien, Video)
  • Aufbau der Studiengänge BSc/Nebenfach/MSc Informatik (Folien, Video)
  • Aufbau der Studiengänge BSc/MSc Bioinformatik (Folien)
  • Begrüßung der Erstsemester Bioinformatik Sommersemester 2020 (Folien, Video)
  • Welcome to first semester students in MSc Bioinformatics Variant A (English speaking) Summer 2020 (slides, video)
  • Results of the survey about "online teaching in the CS department during the SoSe 2020", conducted during the first two weeks. The survey will be repeated with an adapted version in a couple of weeks. You will find the Dashboard for a summary of the results here. Your additional comments to the question "What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing while studying from home?" have been summarized in a pdf file.


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