Diagnostik und Kognitive Neuropsychologie

Special Issue

Within the project, we are hosting a Research Topic themed On the Development of Space-Number Relations: Linguistic and Cognitive Determinants, Influences, and Associations in Frontiers in Developmental Psychology journal.

The Special Issue brings together 27 papers and provides a great overview on current state-of-the-art of Spatial-Numerical Association research. Empirical studies, theoretical papers, and literature reviews add up to our understanding on how numbers relate to space and what is the role of such associations in human lifespan.

The Editorial makes an effort of organising these papers within a recent taxonomy of Spatial-Numerical Associations by Cipora at al (2018).

All papers published so far within the Research Topic can be accessed free of charge at the website:


Topic Editors

Hans-Christoph Nuerk, Krzysztof Cipora, Frank Domahs, and Maciej Haman

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