Diagnostik und Kognitive Neuropsychologie


Within the project, we organized a workshop Linguistic and Cognitive Influences on Numerical Cognition. It took place in Tuebingen on 8-9th September 2017. We hosted more than 70 participants from different countries, who had an opportunity to attend keynote lectures given by Project collaborators, members of our External Advisory Committee, and other recognized researchers working in numerical cognition. Moreover, participants had an opportunity to present their own work in a form of posters. In total, we enjoyed ten keynote lectures and 29 poster presentations.

Here you can find our conference booklet

We made sure to provide enough time for discussions after each keynote lecture and during poster sessions to improve networking opportunities.

Thanks to DFG-NCN funding and additional support form LEAD Graduate School & Research Network (University of Tuebingen), and collaboration with Leinbnitz-Institut für Wissenmedien, Tuebingen, there were not conference fees to attend the workshop. Furthermore, we awarded three best posters selected by international committee with books on statistics.

Additionally, we used the opportunity to meet our External Advisory Committee. During the meeting, we shared ideas on future progress of the project, discussed additional publication opportunities and means, by which we can make our results even more useful for numerical cognition researchers community. During the meeting an idea developed that we should construct a freely available, standardized arithmetic skill measure, which can be routinely used as a covariate in numerical cognition research. We are now working intensely on this idea using data we collected in the project so far.


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