Englisches Seminar

Studienberatung / Help and Advice

Specialist Advice, Changing Course of Studies and Credit Recognition

The following concerns require the signature of a student adivisor. Please refer to the respective advisor directly (see the staff roster for office hours and contact information):

Specialist Advice and Changing Course of Studies

If you want to change your course of studies or if you need specialist advice, please see one of the student advisors:

  • Lehramt GymPO und allgemein: Prof. Sam Featherston
  • Bachelor of Education: Dr. Lilian Chaitas & Dr. Ellen Dengel-Janic
  • B.A. English-American Studies: Dr. Isabell Klaiber & Paula Menéndez Benito Ph.D.
  • B.A. Interdisciplinary American Studies: Dr. Thomas Gijswijt
  • Master of Education: Dr. Stefan Hofstetter, Ellen Dengel-Janic
  • M.A. American Studies: Dr. Isabell Klaiber & Dr. Carsten Schinko
  • M.A. English Linguistics: Paula Menéndez Benito Ph.D., Jun.Prof. Dr. James Griffiths
  • M.A. English Literatures and Cultures: Dr. Ellen Dengel-Janic
  • B.A./M.A. Internationale Literaturen: Max Roehl, M.A. (Deutsches Seminar)
  • Academic English: Stu Watts (Specialist Advice only)
  • International Economics: Dr. Thomas Gijswijt & Stu Watts
  • LehramtPlus: Prof. Matthias Bauer (ELC), Dr. Isabell Klaiber (American Studies), Prof. Sam Featherston (Linguistics)

Credit Recognition (Scheinanerkennung)

If you need an official signature for recognizing prior credits ("Scheinanerkennung") please see one of the relevant student advisors:

  • American Studies, Literary and Cultural Studies: Dr. Carsten Schinko
  • English Studies, Literary and Cultural Studies: Dr. Ellen Dengel-Janic
  • Linguistics: Prof. Sam Featherston
  • Academic English: Stu Watts
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Dr. Lilian Chaitas & Dr. Stefan Hofstetter

Erasmus Coordinators

If you need a signature for your Erasmus Learning Agreement please contact one of our departmental Erasmus coordinators:

  • Dr. Robert McColl
  • Dr. Elisabeth Chaghafi 

English Department Helpdesk

Whenever you cannot find an answer in the FAQ, the first place to go to with questions or problems concerning your studies is generally the English Department Helpdesk. Student assistants will help you with questions concerning course selection, registration on Campus, preparation for exams, as well as a range of other issues. We speak German and English; for further information please see the Helpdesk page.


If you have a question regarding your studies in the English Department, be sure to check our list of Frequently Asked Questions. This is the quickest way to get an answer. Please note that the individual degree programs may have additional FAQs (listed alongside their "Curriculum" & "Application" pages).

Mobility Option

For questions regarding the mobility option of the B.A. IAS program, please contact Dr. Thomas Gijswijt. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response.

Erasmus Students

Erasmus Students can contact erasmusspam prevention@es.uni-tuebingen.de if they plan to take courses at the department. If you are an Erasmus student there are several things you need to know about registering for courses:

  1. Registration for all courses takes place online via ALMA and you can find a full list of all the courses there.
  2. Many instructors will want to speak to you directly before you sign up for their course, so please go to their office hours or write them an e-mail and let them know who you are and what course you want to take.

BAföG Financial Aid

For "BAföG-Bescheinigungen (Formular 5)," please see one of the following advisors (be sure to bring proof of credits, e.g. your "Scheine," or a transcript, or a printout of your grades from Campus):

  • Prof. Dr. Astrid Franke
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. James Griffiths
  • Katerina Magdou

Please click the following link for further infromation.

Further Resources

Research and Writing Center

If you need help with writing assignments, essays, term papers, etc., you can also make an appointment with the English Department’s excellent Research and Writing Center. This service is offered by highly skilled student tutors who will assist you confidentially.

Student Body Organisation (Fachschaft Anglistik/Amerikanistik)

Another helpful resource offered by students is the website of the student body organisation. You can also find them on Facebook.