Englisches Seminar

Research and Writing Center

"Students helping students"

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we offer both in-person appointments and online appointments. The latter will be conducted via our scheduling system WCOnline. For information on how to make online appointments, please refer to this page.

You are no longer required to wear a face mask during in-person appointments, but the tutors are glad to wear masks if you ask them to. Please cancel your in-person appointment if you are are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive. Further information is provided by the university here.

What we do

Writing is a process that can be improved at all levels. Whether you are in your first semester, working on your Bachelor thesis, or pursuing a postgraduate degree, helping you to improve this skill is our goal. To do so, we support you during every step of your research and writing process and aim to make you a more confident writer.

How we do it

We offer 45-minute, one-to-one tutoring appointments (in person or online). During the appointment, you can work with a fellow student on what you’d like: finding sources, identifying grammar mistakes, organizing your paper, and much more. Whatever your concern, we will help you find a solution.

Where we do it

Together with the Help Desk, we are located in room 555 of the Brechtbau, in the heart of the English Department. This cozy, comfortable office is the space for your private session, where you can work on your writing while eating free candy, and using our handouts. We also offer synchronous online tutoring appointments via WCOnline. No matter where you physically are, you and your peer tutor can view your paper and chat about it at the same time.

Why we do it

We believe that by working together, we can improve your writing skills and empower you to make the best of your potential. You as an individual are most important to us. Therefore, we want to grant you your privacy, treat you with tolerance and fairness, and acknowledge your voice as a writer. We will always strive to be friendly, to be open, and to treat you with respect: What happens in the Research and Writing Center stays in the Research and Writing Center.