Englisches Seminar

Issues in Foreign Language Education | Impulse zur Fremdsprachendidaktik

Starting in the summer term 2017, we cordially invite you to a guest lecture complementing and deepening the teaching degree courses.

Invited guests of universities, schools and areas which are close to EFL teaching (e.g. schoolbook publishing houses, administration, media) are invited to share their expertise and to point to the links between academic studies, foreign language education and school reality.

15. July 2019

Dr. Ursula Lanvers (York)
Multilingualism in the United Kingdom


8. July 2019

Prof. Dr. Kevin Burden, York

Designing innovative mobile learning activities with the iPAC framework


21.January 2019

Dr. Imke Lichterfeld, Bonn

Shakespeare’s Bastards in King John and King Lear


July 10, 2017

Professor Molly Brown (South Africa)

Young Adult Literature / Young African Readers - Some South African Perspectives and Peculiarities










July 13, 2017

Dr. Ursula Lanvers (York)

Public Debates of the Englishization of Education in Germany - A Critical Discourse Analysis