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Fifty Years of EU-Turkey Relations: A Sisyphean Story

The publication of this book marks the fiftieth year of Turkey's application to the European Economic Community for associate membership, and evaluates EU-Turkey relations in a historical perspective

Examining the evolving approaches of Turkey and of the EU towards each other, the volume focuses on the 'delay' in Turkey's accession to the EU, and explores the characteristics and reason of this delay in political, economic, security, ethical and sociological dimensions. By shedding light on the main actors and changing parameters in these relations, the book reveals achievements as well as failures of Turkey and the EU in their mutual relations.

Fifty Years of EU-Turkey Relations will be an essential reading and lasting reference volume for policy-makers and academics interested in EU-Turkey relations, European politics, European Union enlargement or international relations.

Armağan Emre Çakır is an Assistant Professor at Marmara University, Istanbul