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ClimaSec Events and Conference Attendance

January 16th 2013

Angela Oels: Versicherheitlichung mit Foucault: Die Konstruktion des Klimawandels als Sicherheitsbedrohung (Securitsation with Foucault: The Construction of Climate Change as Security Threat). Presentation at the University of Tübingen, Germany

June 12th 2013

Rita Floyd: On the Securitzation of the Environment. Presentation at the University of Tübingen, Germany
June 2013Panel discussion: Climate Change as Security Issue? Discussion at the University of Tübingen, Germany
September 2013Panel at the 8th Pan European Conference on International Relations in Warsaw, Poland. Shared paper by Franziskus von Lucke, Thomas Diez and Zehra Wellmann: What's at Stake in Securitising Climate Change? Towards a Differentiated Approach
March 2014Panel at the ISA Annual Convention in Toronto, Canada. Individual papers by Zehra Wellmann (Climate Change and Energy – Tracing Discourse Competitions on the Silk Road of the 21st century) and Franziskus von Lucke (Counter Securitization or Slippery Slope: The Normative Implications of Different Climate Security Discourses).
May 2014EWIS Workshop: National Cultures of Energy of Energy Governance. Zehra Wellmann and Thomas Diez
June 2014FFU Workshop: Energy, Environment, Climate Change. Zehra Wellmann
July 2014METU IR Conference in Ankara, Turkey. Zehra Wellmann
September 2014Panel at the 4th Open Convention of the DVPW (Section: International Relations) in Magdeburg, Germany. Shared paper by Thomas Diez, Franziskus von Lucke, Zehra Wellmann (Klimakämpfe: Eine komparative Studie der Versicherheitlichung von Klimawandel).
November 2014Attendance of a Conference at the German Federal Foreign Office: "Accelerating towards the 2015 deal. Pre-Briefing for the upcoming COP20 climate conference in Lima, Peru". Franziskus von Lucke and Zehra Wellmann.
February 2015Attendance of the Munich Security Conference: Side-event of the Mercator Foundation on climate change, development and migration as challenges for international politics.
February 2015ClimaSec Lecture at the Isolde-Kurz High School in Reutlingen. Franziskus von Lucke.
March 2015Panel at the Environmental and Climate Security Workshop, organised by Andreas Behnke, Friday 27 March 2015, University of Reading. Franziskus von Lucke.
June 2015Presentation of the ClimaSec Project, University of Tuebingen, Institute of Political Science, Room 124, 4 p.m. c.t., Thomas Diez, Franziskus von Lucke, Zehra Wellmann.