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Departmental Seminar: "World War and the Rise of the Western Welfare State"

Herbert Obinger is Professor of Political Science at the SOCIUM of the University of Bremen and spokesperson of the CRC 1342 "Global Dynamics of Social Policy"

Der Vortrag findet im Rahmen des wöchentlichen Institutskolloquiums am Mittwoch, den 22. Juni 2022, 16Uhr, am IfP in Raum 124 statt. Die Teilnahme ist auch Online über Zoom möglich.

The seminar deals with the impact of the two world wars on the development of the welfare state in 18 western countries from a macro-quantitative perspective. Based on theoretical considerations on the influence of military conflicts on social policy, the effects of the two world wars on social expenditure, welfare legislation, the emergence of a social bureaucracy and on social outcomes, among other things, will be examined. The synopsis of the findings shows that both world wars had a decisive influence on the rise and change of the Western welfare state.

Online via ZOOM

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