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Talk on "Esoteric Beliefs Predict Opposition to Corona Restriction in Germany"

Nils Weidmann (University of Konstanz), Monday, May 23, Gebhard-Müller-Room (Nauklerstr. 48, Groundfloor), 12 h c.t. You can also attend the talk via ZOOM.

Nils Weidmann is Professor of Political Science at the Department of Politics and Co-Speaker of the Cluster of Excellence 'Politics of Inequality' at the University of Konstanz. He is an internationally renowned scholar in quantitative conflict research and ethnic mobilization.

In his talk, Nils Weidmann looks at disagreements over governmental measures against the spread of the Corona virus which has led to increased societal division and polarization in many countries worldwide. Scholars typically locate the sources of resistance against these measures on the right of the political spectrum. Nils Weidmann argues that this explanation is too simple and that we have to take esoteric beliefs seriously.

Using new data on the distribution of natural healers, homeopathic doctors and Steiner schools, the talk presents spatial analyses at electoral districts and municipalities. Results confirm that both the presence of homeopathic doctors and Steiner schools are related to significantly higher opposition against Corona measures. This shows that resistance to governmental measures against the Corona pandemic originates from different societal groups, and will therefore remain a major challenge for governments to address.
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