Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Seminar in Plant Ecology

A joint seminar of the Plant Ecology and Plant Evolutionary Ecology groups. The seminar takes place in the "Besprechungsraum" (room 36, ground floor) of "Auf der Morgenstelle 3" on Fridays starting at 13:30 until 14:30.

If you want to sign up or make a change to the programme, please contact Franziska Willems.

Winter semester 2019/2020

Date Seminar
4 Oct Miriam Ruocco (Stazione Zoologica Naples) - Seagrass plasticity across environmental gradients and multi-level response to climate change impacts
18 Oct

Sophie Weides - Vegetation changes along grazing gradients in drylands (short talk)

Free slot

25 Oct

Sandra Roller - Can plants prepare for future stress? – The effect of plant priming against pathogen infection (short talk)

Laura Fink - Resilience of productivity and community composition after extreme drought in forests and grasslands on the Swabian Alb (short talk)

01 Nov

No Seminar - All Saints' Day

08 Nov

Frank Reis - Effects of plant age, genotype and environment on the Lotus corniculatus microbiome (short talk)

Jun Hee Jung - Interactions between Pseudomonas and plant microbiome: how stable are they across plant genotypes and environments? (short talk)

15 Nov

Sara Fiedler - Effects of biodiversity on forest and grassland communities during an extreme drought (short talk)

Malina Palmer - Positive effect of asynchrony on resistance of community biomass towards an extreme drought depends on the strength (short talk)

22 Nov

Bence Gaspar - Defense talk rehearsal

29 Nov

Jonas Freimuth - Phenological shift of plants and pollinators in Germany (short talk)

Ronja Ratzbor - An experimental test of the area-heterogeneity trade-off (short talk)

06 Dec No Seminar - Meeting StEvE
13 Dec Carola Nuglisch - Effects of energised water on plants
20 Dec

Clara Hämmerle - Resistance of plant community productivity and composition towards extreme drought in forests and grasslands (short talk)

Free slot

27 Dec

No Seminar - Christmas break
03 Jan No Seminar - Christmas break
10 Jan Korinna Allhoff - Individual-based modeling for plant ecologists
17 Jan

Dario Galanti - Structure, Stability and ecological significance of DNA methylation in European Thlaspi arvense natural populations (short talk)

Free slot

24 Jan

Aljoscha Mengel - Effect of management and history on dry grassland vegetation – the Spitzberg as case study (short talk)

Free slot

31 Jan Free slot(s)
7 Feb

Mirijam Gaertner (HfWU Nürtingen) - Managing invasive species in urban ecosystems: a South African perspective

Seminars from previous semesters