IFIB – Interfakultäres Institut für Biochemie

Prof. Dr. Thilo Stehle

Dean of the faculty of science

email: thilo.stehlespam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

telephone: +49-7071-29-78090

Thilo Stehle obtained his PhD in 1992 at the University of Freiburg in Germany. He became interested in structural biology as a student in Freiburg and and went on to determine structures and catalytic mechanisms of the enzymes Guanylate kinase and NADH peroxidase during his Dissertation. He then moved to Harvard University, where he first worked as a post-doctoral fellow with Stephen Harrison on the structural analysis of complete virus particles. In 1997 he established his own laboratory at Harvard Medical School, and his group has been studying the interactions between viruses and receptors since then. In early 2005 the group moved to the University of Tübingen.