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Schulze-Osthoff group

Molecular Medicine

Prof. Klaus Schulze-Osthoff

Tumor cells contain 60-80 mutations that enable their sustained proliferation and cause therapy resistance to most current treatments. Two hallmarks involved in tumorigenesis and treatment resistance are disturbances in important cellular processes such as apoptosis and senescence. The primary focus of our lab is the dissection of the molecular components that orchestrate cell death processes and cellular senescence, in order to define potential targets and to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment.

To this end, we

To achieve our goals, we employ methods of molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and immunology, including RNA interference, gene and protein expression profiling, life-cell imaging and whole animal models.


We are always interested in motivated MSc students, PhD students or Postdocs who like to join our group. Please contact Prof. Dr. Klaus Schulze-Osthoff.

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