IFIB – Interfakultäres Institut für Biochemie

IFIB funding and research networks

ERC grants

ERC Consolidator Grant, Stafforst, starting year 2015
Site-directed RNA Editing to Manipulate RNA and Protein Function (press release)

ERC Starting Grant, García-Sáez, starting year 2012
The quantitative Bcl-2 interactome in apoptosis: decoding how cancer cells escape death (ERC)


Heisenberg Professorship, Stafforst, 2016
Site-specific RNA editing and light-controlled manipulation of biochemical processes (DFG listing)

Emmy Noether, Hailfinger, 2015
The molecular role of CARMA2 in psoriasis (DFG, press release)


NIH Program Project Grant, Stehle
JC polyomavirus in collaboration with the US


SFB 1101: Molecular Encoding of Specificity in Plant Processes (project page)

SFB 766: The Bacterial Cell Envelope: Structure, Function and Infection Interface
(Stehle, Rapaport, project page)

SFB 685: Immunotherapy - Molecular Basis and Clinical Application (project page)

Transregio-SFB 34: Pathophysiology of staphylococci in the post-genomic era (project page)

FOR 2327 ViroCarb (Stehle, project page)

FOR 2060 cGMP Signalling in Cell Growth and Survival (Feil, project page)

FOR 2036 New insights into Bcl-2 family interactions: from biophysics to function
(Garcia, project page) 2014

SPP 1623: Chemoselective reactions for the synthesis and application of functional proteins
(Schwarzer, project page)

FOR 2333 Macromolecular complexes in mRNA localisation (Jansen, project page)

GRK 2364/1 MOMbrane: The multifaceted functions and dynamics of the mitochondrial outer membrane (MOM) With projects of Dimmer, Garcia, Jansen, Rapaport, and Stehle.

D.I.P. - MitoBalance: Uncovering the mechanisms underlying mitochondrial proteostasis (project Rapaport).