IFIB – Interfakultäres Institut für Biochemie

Modules offered during the Tübingen Master of Biochemistry

Modules are elements of the master program lasting about 75h plus preparation time. They typically consist of a theory part in the form of lectures and seminars plus a practical part. Most are evaluated by a combination of a protocol and an oral examination. You will select a total of 3+ modules. Each module is 6 credit points according to ECTS.

IFIB modules (at least 1 from this pool)

Modules from contributing investigators

Apart from the requirement of at least 1 IFIB module, you are completely free to choose according to your personal preferences and aims. You could, for example, focus on clinically relevant topics like molecular medicine, pharmacology and pathobiochemistry. Or you could hone your technical skills with bioinformatics, microscopy and toxicology techniques. It's up to you.