Institute of Sports Science

Health education in physical education in the context of digital transformation

Health education is considered a relevant goal of multi-perspective, competence-orientated physical education and has long been anchored in the curriculum of many educational plans. In the course of digital transformation processes, however, the area of health and fitness is currently undergoing major changes within the sports- and exercise-related extracurricular lifeworld of adolescents. Digitalization holds both potentials (e.g., increasing physical activity through fitness apps) and risks (increasing orientation towards questionable body ideals on social media) for the health of children and adolescents, which have not yet been systematically considered in concepts of health education in physical education. In order to enable students to deal with these ambivalences and to lead a healthy and active life in the context of digital transformation, it is essential to make these developments didactically fruitful for the subject of physical education. The aim of the project is to develop a theoretically and empirically sound concept for health education in physical education in times of digitalization and to evaluate it with regard to its implementation and effectiveness.

First, the scoping review methodology will be applied to explore and describe the current state of research on which consequences of the digital transformation are discussed for health education in physical education. Based on the current state of research, various teaching modules will be designed in a phase of cooperative planning together with teachers, students and other relevant stakeholders. Both the development and the testing of these teaching modules will be scientifically monitored. Subsequently, the implementation and effectiveness of the concept will be evaluated.